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Learn from your users to optimize your business

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Do you know why and how people consume your content?

We apply data science technologies to analyze user behavior on all types of digital content (text, audio, video), and to generate valuable insights in order to:

Optimize your digital content and increase sales.
Build greater experiences on digital platforms.
Profile, segment and retain large volumes of users.

How we work:

1. We study how to automatically analyze your digital content, and how to apply behavioral models for each environment.
2. We embed our technology into your platforms or communities to send user-related events to our Quantified Reading analytical solution.
We also build experimentation environments with real users in order to extract results with statistical significance.
3. We process behavioral data to generate actionable KPIs in an advanced visualization dashboard, suitable for business users.
4. We apply machine learning algorithms capable of generating insights that improve your user acquisition, loyalty or sales ratios.
5. We develop software solutions perfectly aligned to each challenge:
  • analytics or engagement modules for B2C platforms and communities
  • new experiences on digital content
  • recommendation algorithms
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About us

Quantified Reading is comprised of an exceptional team and a network of experts who combine proven experience in the fields of digital content, user engagement, data analytics and software development.
  • 10
    years of experience
    as entrepreneurs in cultural and entertainment industries
  • 20
    years of experience
    in Higher Ed institutions
  • 15
    years of experience
    in the data science community


We are a liquid company that innovate and openly cooperate with the best partners in the fields of data science and behavioral psychology, as well as in content, media and education industries.
    The leading crowdfunding-based publisher
  • AWS EdStart
    Proud member of the AWS EdTech accelerator
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Large digital platforms base their leadership on the intelligent management of their users' behavioral data. We can help you transfer their success keys to your business:
  • Do you operate a digital platform with difficulties to acquire or retain users?
  • Are you a publisher who wants to complement the insights of your experts in key decision making processes, such as selection of metadata or sales drivers, forecasting of user preferences and the analysis of real possibilities for each content, etc.?
  • Do you manage large and/ or complex volumes of users that need to be profiled or segmented (advertising effectiveness, cross-selling, upselling)?
  • Do you need to build a community as part of your business or marketing strategy?
  • Do you run an educational entity with a clear commitment to online education?
  • Madri+dSimo
    SIMO Education Fair 2018 - Madri+d award to best investment opportunity in education.
  • Sek-Lab
    2019 SEKLab EdTech Accelerator Batch member
  • GESA Spain
    3rd Place in GESA Awards Spain
  • Barbastro
    2019 Spain EBook Congress - Innovation Award Winner