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Do you know why and how people read?

Are you a publisher that wants to better understand why people choose and consume the content they read?
Are you a teacher or instructor that is desperate to engage your students in a much deeper way?
Do your current analytics tools, if any, extract no real value from your customer's reading activity?

Research & analysis

Quantified Reading offer products and services to obtain and analyze the reading behavior of customers or users, with detailed information and insights that enable publishers, educational institutions, media agencies and others to have a deeper understanding of how their content affect their business.

Some of our Products

- a SaaS service to generate your own reading behavior A/B tests
- a tool to generate reading events that you can use to process your own analytics
- dashboards with the key metrics related to reading behavior

Is that not enough?

Quantified Reading offers services and consulting to help you get further with your own systems and data, as well as data, behavioral psychology and reader engagement training so you and your team can start leading the data revolution.

Use Cases

Teachers and instructors

Choose the text content for your students, and let Quantified Reading measure how they access, how fast they read, whether they are stuck in a specific chapter or passage, without losing control about how you want your students to learn. Students can also receive analytics information.
Integrate it with your Learning Management System to reach even further in the student lifecycle analysis.


With Quantified Reading, book, magazine and content publishers in general can perform focus groups and A/B tests in an unheard-of-scalable manner, measuring quantitative behavior and qualitative data in a seamless way.
Think of it as a mixture between Mailchimp, Google Analytics and SurveyMonkey for your content consumers, all in one place.

Media professionals

Find clever ways to obtain new targets for your clients’ products and services based on reading behavior. Minimize the cost in useless advertising by learning how reading profiles are related to the type of person who needs and will love your offering.
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In order to provide our customers the best possible solution, we work with the following world-class partners
    AI-focused text analysis
  • Byte the Book
    UK partner for publishing and education
  • Contact
    Do you want to be part of the best reading behavior analysis ecosystem?

About us

Quantified Reading provides deep knowledge from key areas: content, data, business and technology.
  • 10
    years of experience
    as entrepreneurs in cultural and entertainment industries
  • 20
    years of experience
    in Higher Ed institutions
  • 15
    years of experience
    in the data science community

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