Ethics are important to us

We want to be part of a world where reading is relevant to our society’s culture and entertainment. Performing advanced analysis of reading behaviour and text content will enable a deeper understanding of how and why we read, and how that affects our approach to the world. We are just starting to walk this road, and we see endless possibilities.
We are also aware that these actions may bring some ethical and moral issues to the table. We do not want to be yet one of those companies that label themselves as “a weapon, so we are not responsible for pulling the trigger”. It might not be feasible to fully prevent a tool from being misused. But we as a product and solution provider want to set some limits to what we or others may do with what we create.
  • We will treat the personal data as what it is: a part of the behaviour of a person that has explicitly allowed us to store and process it in clear and unambiguous ways.
  • We will not work with a customer when we understand that some harm or discomfort might be done to the individuals whose data is to be obtained and processed. For instance, some reading analytics require to process personally-identifiable information. But that does not mean that it can then be used to reach the person directly for non-related reasons. If that PII came from us, this is not something we want our customers to do with our products.
  • We will obtain the information required to perform the reading behaviour and text analytics, nothing else. And we will always look for ways to obtain a similar outcome with less private information, whenever possible.
  • We will not work with a customer when we understand that the commercial use of our products and tools are not directly related to reading. Making use of some of the data pieces for things unrelated to reading behaviour and/or analytics will not be tolerated.
  • We will always get rid of the information we do not need. This is related to our legal mandate of deleting datasets after our agreements with customers are finished.
This page will be in constant development based on our experiences with customers and, of course, your feedback. Please contact us at if you believe we are missing anything regarding this important topic.